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Time & Location


Thursday 9, Friday 10 and Saturday 11 December, 2021

6 -10 pm

Duration December 9 - February 5 2022

Von Buren Contemporary
via Giulia 13, 00186 Rome |

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Watch the video exhibition of Giuliano Macca

Giuliano Macca and the gallerist Michele von Buren talk about the exhibition 

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Von Buren Contemporary presents



 New works by




Thursday 9, Friday 10 and Saturday 11 December, 2021

from 18.00 until 22.00


Presentation: FERZAN ÖZPETEK


Curated by Michele von Büren of Von Buren Contemporary

info +39 335 1633518 |
the exhibition will remain on show until February 5, 2022


Von Buren Contemporary

Via Giulia 13, Rome 00186 


…it is in his evocation of the weakness of the volcano, its solitude, its tears, that Macca strikes a new and memorable note. His subjects, while apparently basking in the waters beneath fiery mountain settings, in reality are a mirror to the frailty of a giant that may be spurting fire and fury but is actually laying the stage for its own solitary demise.

Ferzan Özpetek


Von Buren Contemporary is delighted to present Il pianto dei vulcani, the solo show of young Italian artist Giuliano Macca.


The exhibition centres on the artist’s response to the power and beauty of the volcano. Macca hails from Sicily - a land of fire and water. Dominated by volcanic peaks, Sicily is at the same time an island immersed in water and it is this contrast, the incessant burning and quenching, that forms the throbbing background for Macca’s new creations.


The artist also alludes to an ancient perception of the mountain. In antiquity, mountains were seen as outside the civilized world, as ‘wild’, but also as humanity’s first dwellings, the birthplaces of heroes and as ideal settings for reversals and metamorphoses. These ancestral references are all present, allowing Macca to create an enveloping world suspended outside normal perceptions of time and place.


The gallery is proud to note the involvement of acclaimed Turkish-Italian film director and writer Ferzan Özpetek, who penned the exhibition’s presentation text.


Giuliano Macca was born in Noto, Sicily in 1988 and is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Macca's first experimentations were in the world of street art and in 2016, he presented a performance work at Rome's MAAM, the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere. His first solo show a year later sold out within minutes of opening and in 2018 he joined the roster of Von Buren Contemporary (then known as RvB Arts). The artist's one-man exhibition in Florence in 2020 marked another turning point in his fast-moving career. Shortly after, Macca made national headlines with a remarkable installation: a 40 x 30-metre reproduction of one of his recent artworks Abbraccio (Embrace) which was extended across a Tuscan square as a symbol of these difficult times.

Macca works principally in oil and BIC pen. Very active on social media, he has accrued a remarkable international following of fans and collectors. His creations for Von Buren Contemporary are in the portrait tradition but imbued with a metaphysical atmosphere rather than a realistic or narrative one. The artist evokes a hidden and emotional world, sometimes employing double images and multiple eyes to explore the complexity of identity and its contradictory elements. The works in this new exhibit are ethereal oil paintings which summon up the dark side of life - nihilism, solitude and longing in a bewitching mix that underscores the fragility of the human condition.

This long-anticipated exhibition has been specially chosen to mark the opening month of the gallery’s new space at Via Giulia 13 and its change of name, passing from RvB Arts to Von Buren Contemporary.