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Time & Location


Sunday, November 21st 2021

6PM - 8PM

Duration November 21st - December 21st 2021

Von Buren Contemporary
via Giulia 13, 00186 Rome |

Lucianella Cafagna, Claire Piredda, von buren contemporary, contemporary art rome

Von Buren Contemporary presents


nothing’s gonna change my world






Sunday November 21, 2021

6 p.m. – 10 p.m.


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Curated by Michele von Büren of VON BUREN CONTEMPORARY

Accompanying texts by Antonio Monda and Valentina Orengo


Von Buren Contemporary

Via Giulia 13, 00186 Rome

nothing’s gonna change my world unites the poetic worlds of Roman artist LUCIANELLA CAFAGNA and Italo-Canadian sculptor CLAIRE PIREDDA.

The work of the two artists is centered on the themes of childhood and early adolescence, explored by Cafagna on canvas and by Piredda through her terracotta heads and figures. In particular they are acute observers of that delicate spurt of growth which sees the child’s entry into early adulthood, and the layers of change involved in this rite of passage.

The exhibition title nothing’s gonna change my world - the iconic refrain from the Beatles’ Across the Universe - is perfect for the ‘significant moment’ that Cafagna and Piredda are concerned with. But their young creatures manage to express change without transition: they are at once figures of uncertainty, figures of joy, figures of conflict and figures of budding sensuality – caught between their new self-awareness and a sense of loss of their previous state.

They are precisely the pools of sorrow, waves of joy articulated in the lyrics of Across the Universe. The pathos and pains of growing up are before us, reminding us of that brief interlude when we are torn between the need to affirm our new existence and a brave, final bid to keep things as they are before ceding inevitably to the impact of a whirling, fast-changing world.

Lucianella Cafagna was born in Rome in 1968. She studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and subsequently spent a period training in the studio of Pierre Carron, a protégé of Balthus. In 2011, Cafagna took part in the 54th Venice International Art Biennale with a life-size work exhibited in the Italian Pavilion, while in 2019, Rome's prestigious museum Palazzo Merulana held a retrospective of her work.

Childhood and adolescence are recurrent themes in Cafagna's art, which blends the formal elegance of traditional training with a trajectory into the contemporary world. Art critics have highlighted her ability to evoke a sense of timeless suspension, her subjects hovering between memory and oblivion as poignant reminders of our evanescence.


Claire Piredda was born in Montreal, Canada in 1963. A versatile artist, she studied painting at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts and sculpture at the city’s Temple University Tyler School of Art while also attending the Costume & Fashion Academy.


Piredda’s sculptures in unglazed terracotta of truncated busts and small-scale figures range in color from dull ocher to red. Harking back to the naturalism of the 18th-century French school of sculpture, Piredda exploits to the full the versatility of her material. With skill and delicacy, she pulls and pinches life from her raw clay, creating expressive, meditative works that remain hauntingly tender.

This long-anticipated exhibition has been specially chosen to mark the opening of the gallery’s new space at Via Giulia 13 and its change of name, passing from RvB Arts to Von Buren Contemporary.