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Time & Location

 Vernissage April 9 2021

Duration 9 Aprl - 3 May 2021

Online at


We're thrilled to let you know that RvB Arts is taking part in the second edition of the Affordable Online Art Fair, opening Friday, April 9 and ending Monday, May 3, 2021 at




RvB Arts will be exhibiting our exciting roster of gallery artists:

Evita Andújar, Bato, Leonardo Blanco, Lucianella Cafagna, Chiara Caselli, Mihail Dinisiuc, Fantini, Annalisa Fulvi, Andrea Gallo, Gianlorenzo Gasperini, Vittorio Iavazzo, Giuliano Macca, Sofia Podestà, Massimo Pulini, Giulio Rigoni, Vera Rossi, Luca Zarattini - many of whom are taking part with new, previously unseen works, as well as 3 gallery newcomers: Justin Bradshaw, Kristina Milakovic and Octavia Monaco.